Crash X

In recent years, a new type of entertainment has gained popularity in online casinos – crash games. These are machines with simple gameplay that do not require serious effort from the player. The main thing during the game is to set the bet and stop the round in time, taking the winnings.

Game CategoryDeveloperRTP (Return to Player)Auto PlayVolatilityMaximum Win
Crash GameTurbo Games95%AvailableVariable₹100,000

An example of such a crash game is the well-known Crash X machine from developer Turbo Games – one of the largest providers of crash games.
Let’s learn the rules of the game, its features, and common strategies that will increase your chances of winning. I have conducted a thorough analysis of this machine and am ready to share not only my own gaming experience but also useful recommendations.

How to Play Crash X

The Crash X game is available for free on the casino website, so it’s not necessary to play with real money at the beginning. It’s important to understand the machine’s mechanics, its rules, and develop your own strategy that would allow you to come out ahead. First and foremost, you need to find a casino that has the Crash X slot machine in its lobby.

The next steps are as follows:

1. When using the demo mode for Crash X, you don’t need to register at the gaming platform; just open the operator’s website.

2. Enter “Crash X” in the search bar and launch the game in demo mode or for real money.
3. Place a bet; there are two options. You can set the same bet size for both, or make one larger and the other smaller. Optionally, you can use just one bet.
4. Click “Place bet” and enjoy the gameplay. Remember to cash out in time to avoid losing.

Autoplay Feature

The Autoplay feature allows you to set up the gameplay so that the player doesn’t even have to participate actively. The round proceeds automatically, but the player needs to specify all parameters beforehand for the game to run without their intervention. To do this, click on the round button next to the “Place bet” label.

The player can customize:

  • Bet size (one or two, if desired).
  • Number of rounds for autoplay.
  • Automatic cashout amount.
  • Percentage by which the bet increases after a loss or win.
  • Option to stop the round upon winning.


Thanks to the automatic bet setting, players can keep their bet size unchanged regardless of the game’s outcome. For example, in Crash X, there’s an option to increase the bet by a certain percentage each time there’s a win or a loss. Players can decide the percentage change, the number of rounds for the change, and other parameters.

If a player is practicing different strategies in Crash X, this feature is ideal. Skillful application of this theory can significantly improve and simplify the game.


Another interesting option is the multiplier, which allows players to play on two bets simultaneously. In other words, a player can place two different bets with specific cashout, size, and other parameters. One of them can act as insurance for the other. For example, you can do this: the first bet is ₹100 with automatic session stop at a multiplier of x1.5, the second bet is ₹50 with a cashout of x2.5.

The first bet has a higher chance of winning, and in case of a loss, it hedges the second one, ensuring the player doesn’t go into a loss. “Playing” with this option can be customized to almost always result in a profit. If desired, players can always go back to a single bet.

Auto Cashout

The last but equally useful feature is auto cashout. It allows players to withdraw funds when a certain multiplier is reached without the player’s intervention.

Many players follow a strategy of playing at low multipliers, where the chances of a crash are minimal. This way, they can win money using the auto cashout option with a multiplier, for example, x1.15.

Crash X Slot Mechanics

The casino slot’s mechanics are simple and can be understood from the first rounds. Developing your own strategy is a bit more complex, but the game’s principle itself is straightforward, which is why crash games are popular. The player places a bet and starts the round. The plane starts moving on the game field, gradually increasing the multiplier.

The gambler’s task is to cash out in time before the “crash” happens. If the casino client fails to do this, they lose their bet. Additional features like autostart and auto cashout help configure the game so that the gambler performs minimal actions for a good outcome.

Popular Strategies in Crash X

Additional options allow players to use various strategies, enabling them to at least break even or even make a small profit. It’s worth noting that no technique guarantees one hundred percent success, but it increases the chances of winning. Below are some common strategies that are easy to understand and quite useful.

Low Risk with Medium Multipliers

Medium multipliers regularly appear on the screen, allowing players to slowly but steadily increase their bankroll. Players set auto cashout at small multipliers (x2-x3) and receive consistent wins. It’s important to note that the plane can “crash” even at the beginning of a round, which is the casino’s advantage.

Bet Placement Tactics

In addition to an effective gameplay strategy, it’s beneficial to use an efficient bet placement algorithm.

Two-Bet Strategy

The concept is simple: the gambler places two identical bets and starts the round. At the beginning, they wait for a multiplier of x2 to cover the amount of both bets. The first cashout happens at a multiplier of x2, and the second one can be at any time. Upon the second cashout, it’s advisable to stop in time. However, even if the player loses it, they will still break even.

Crash X Demo Play

Playing crash games at an online casino has several advantages. Firstly, it allows casino clients to familiarize themselves with the game rules, assess the visual component, and develop their own strategy without risking real money. Secondly, in demo mode, players can try out various games, not just Crash X or Aviator, and evaluate the gameplay and winning opportunities to find the one that suits them best.

The free version is an excellent way to enjoy gambling without financial expenses. Moreover, the game’s principle is no different from a round with real money. Everything happens with virtual funds, but the only downside is the inability to withdraw them.

Download the Crash X Game on Your Phone

The Crash X game is only available in casinos or on thematic websites, so it’s impossible to download the game onto your phone via APK. However, Crash X can be accessed through the desktop or mobile version, or even through a gaming club app (if the operator has one). Players can enjoy the gameplay on any mobile device, regardless of its OS: Android or iOS. Simply open the casino website on your mobile phone and start playing the game.

It’s worth noting that the installation APK file for the casino app on Android should only be sought on the official website of the gambling provider. There is no real money gaming software available on the Play Store, and downloading the app from dubious sources is risky. iPhone and iPad users can download the gambling operator’s app from the official website or through the App Store.


If you’re tired of Aviator and enjoy the concept of crash games, you should definitely try the Crash X slot. It has a similar mechanics and additional options like Autoplay, Autobet, Multiplayer, and Auto Cashout, allowing players to customize the gameplay according to their preferences.

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